Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday...

We had a very busy weekend and we are all so tired. We spent the day playing inside, watching a little T.V., and taking naps. It was delightful and much needed!
Our Fourth of July actually began on Friday night at a friends house for a cookout. The kids played and got to do sparklers. We saw some fireworks and stayed out way too late! The adults had a pretty darn good time too!
Yesterday, we had our Annual Fourth of July Parade in our neighborhood. This is when the kids decorate their bikes, wagons, big wheels and strollers and wave to the neighbors. At the end we are rewarded with juice, water and delicious doughnuts! My children love this tradition!
Elan scooting to catch up with the police car...
As promised, my LO that I had been working on:
The little white rub on after "Daddy" says "hero". I took these pictures of Stephen and Anna in Hilton Head and loved how they turned out. All the supplies used were from my Studio Calico kit from June. I sanded and distressed only the outer edges of the paper to make it look a little "weathered". It's now hanging on display in my craft room to remind me how special the bond is between Anna and Stephen, she truly is a daddy's girl.

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  1. I love the pictures. The layout of Anna and Stephen is too precious for words. Did Stephen cry when he saw it?? I'm sure that little thing will never do any wrong in his eyes (or mine for that matter!)


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