Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craft time, come on in!

This weekend, I did quite a bit of crafting. I got a few LO's done and this is one of them:
Mac learning to ride a bike without training wheels. Stephen took him out and helped him for about 5 minutes and he picked it up so quickly! He was so proud of himself!
I used lots of different items that I pulled out of my scrap bag. The embellishments on the right side are stickers that I put on a scrap piece of chipboard and cut out. Then, mounted with a little foam tape to get them to pop off the page. The button in the center is one from Tessa Ann on Etsy.
Tomorrow I will post another one of my finished LO's... it's a good one, you won't want to miss it!
I have a very inviting craft room. People come in even when they aren't invited! (Like the kids, for instance!) Take a look at this... this is Stephen getting crafty. He started organizing, arranging and cropping pictures, using shadow boxes and arranging fishing lures and paraphernalia for his office decor. He's doing a great job, but he came out and said, "Will you just do it for me?" NO! You can do it! He started to take over my craft table, and I just had to get a picture of it...My super crafty husband...I'm off to organize photos for more scrap time tonight. And tonight, I will have my room all to myself... Stephen will be fishing! Love you, dear!


  1. Now that is one for the books - Stephen crafting! It must rub off on all those around you.

  2. Mac is riding with no training wheels - how great! Love the crafting work - so talented!


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