Friday, July 17, 2009

How does your garden grow?

...Mine is rotting because of all this rain. I have already thrown out 2 of my potted plants on the deck because they got super gross from too much water. I have enough trouble growing pretty flowers, I don't need downpours to speed the process of death.

I may not be able to make my deck a secret garden of gorgeous blooms, but I sure can make one on paper. This is another of my mom's collection of layouts I made for her.
Sorry for the blurry pic, I don't know what happend...

The journaling reads:

Happy Mother's Day, Mimi! We love you! Mac, Anna and Elan. May 2008 "A garden of love grows in a Grandmother's Heart." {Printed on green vellum.}

This was basically a bunch of punching and cutting! East peasy! I was going for the look of a sunflower, zinnia and hydrangea. And you don't have to worry about root rot, either! Stay tuned for the next 3 in Mimi's collection!

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  1. As if the rain wasn't enough, the irrigation system comes on whenever it feels like it - like every day! I will soon be growing nothing but toadstools and mold. Thank goodness I have my really beautiful flowers hanging in my workshop/toy room.

    Love you!


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