Monday, July 6, 2009

A Challenge + A Giveaway!

You know it's time for a pedicure when your two year old looks at your feet and says,

"What's dat? (Looking at my big toe) You got chalk on your feets? Mommy!"

Yea, buddy, it's called a callus and it's grody odie. I guess I need a pedi...

I actually love pedicures, it's the time to go get one that turns me off. I don't even paint my nails because I hate it when it chips off and they look all ratty and tacky. I prefer a nice, clean, white nail with little or no maintenance. Simple.
Sometimes, simple is good. Simple is easy and stress less. Lately, I have been trying to cut back on the stuff that doesn't need to be done or bought right away and I'll tell 'ya, it has been great. I stress less and I have been more calm. I have been able to play with my children more and relax without thinking what needs to be done. I am enjoying my summer.

The boys really know how to relax...

Now, for the challenge! I read Elizabeth Kartchners blog, Just Us. She has a fun challenge going on right now and I'm going to play along. Want to play? Here is what you do:
1.) Have your camera handy on July 8th-this Wednesday (tomorrow, people!)
2.) Take a photo of whatever you are doing when your clock says 10:11 am or pm. (we won't worry about timezones)
3.) Challenge yourself to think outside of the box in how you take the photo or don't worry about that part and just snap one real quick!
4.) Post the photo on your blog or an online gallery. Leave a comment on my blog linked to your photo and be entered into a giveaway.

Sound fun? I thought so! This will be a great giveaway of stationery and embellishments that everyone can use, not just scrappers and crafty people, so play along!

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  1. Missed your blog yesterday... would have LOVED to have taken a pic of us last night. We were all lying in bed watching HGTV. (our nightly routine)
    BTW- Brady loves your blog... he dances to the music as soon as I open the page. It's hilarious!!!


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