Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open for Business!

Greetings! I have opened my Etsy shop! Woo-hoo! I am still adding a few items, but it's open for business and I'm excited! Here you will find felties and journaling spots to add to your scrapbooks, card making, and other crafty avenues you may take! Have a look see:

Other happenings today:

We had a wicked thunderstorm. Anna and Elan were scared and Anna was crying for her Daddy.

Elan got a train attachment stuck between his bottom teeth. That's right, stuck between his teeth. He was screaming and drooling all over the place. I had to get out my jewelry snips the cut the attachment and he was set free. Once Elan came to his senses, he was made at me because I broke his train.

And lastly, tonight is girls night for a friends birthday celebration. I will indulge...


  1. And you already have 2 sales! Awesome Amanda, those little birds are the cutest! ;)

  2. Do you have enough to do yet?????

  3. He-he! It's going great! Already 4 sales and a spotlight on someone else's blog July 11th!

  4. That is great that you have your Etsy up and going. Nice to get something accomplished when you have had goals set for it. Another great idea would be to scrapbook for others. Have you thought of that? Check out Dawn's website She has developed lessons that can help you with your scrapbooking business and scrapbook for others and get paid for it. You can continue what you love and have income coming in. Great concept.

    Staci Jansma


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