Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She's the b-o-m-b. Mom can do anything and everything and always look cute doing it! We went strawberry picking today at Huber's and it was hot, somehow I don't think mom broke a sweat. Me on the other hand, had a nasty, sweaty shirt on with my hair sticking to my face. The kids were covered in strawberry juice- they had a blast! Every berry Elan picked went directly into his mouth.

We rode a tractor out to the berry patch, here we go...
Anna got a 'grandaddy' strawberry
Mac was a good picker!
Elan was a good eater!
A bumper crop of beauties!
We picked almost 18 pounds of strawberries, so we'll be eating them for a while! Tonight, strawberry shortcake, tomorrow, yogurt + strawberries + granola for breakfast, tomorrow nights dessert, vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top... this is what summer is all about!
And for tonight... celebrating mom's birthday here with a Southwest chicken salad and margaritas! Cheers! Mom, I hope you have a great birthday and all your birthday wishes come true! Love you so much!
Lastly, to celebrate mom's birthday and summer.... A GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment to this post and you will be put into a drawing for a $10 Gift Certificate to Paper Doll Stationery. Wow-wee! Check it out here:
Winner will be drawn on Thursday.


  1. I am so jealous... Can't wait to take the boys to Hubers for strawberry pickin'. Happy Birthday Kathy!

  2. Oh Yum!! Are they super sweet yet?? I have to take my kids!! When blueberries are ready, do you want to go together to Bryant's Blueberry farm? And Happy Birthday to your momma!! She is sweet and AMAZING!!

  3. Happy Birthday! You are cute as a button and an inspiration to all us mom's!

  4. Kelly- would love to pick some blues w/you! let me know!

  5. Woo-wee is right, I did it Lou! I am officially following.

    All my love & birthday wishes to Kathy - Love You!


  6. I will have to take Molly--she is the only one who eats strawberries and can appreciate the experience :) We did inherit two strawberry plants from my MIL and I can't wait to see if the bear any fruit!

  7. I hadn't even thought about going to Huber's to pick strawberries. YUM! I will have to give this a try! YUMMY!!!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful birthday tribute and for the ball we had at Huber's and at your delicious dinner. What a great birthday! I love my "tape" and especially all my birthday drawings and treasured letter.

    I am trying to get the grains of sugar out of my strawberry preserves right now!


  9. The strawberries look delicious and the kids as cute as can be. I heard that the kids had a ball together on Monday. Hope to see everyone this summer, maybe at the pool.


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