Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy, Busy Bee!

Ok, I know I haven't been here in several days, but I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger! I finally finished painting the family room and it looks great! So glad that is behind me. Now that it's all fresh and new, it prompted me to change around a few things and get my powder room decorated properly. I found the perfect items to put in there at Dee's, our local craft/home decor store. I am pumped about how good everything looks! Woo-hoo!
The Etsy store seems to be taking off, I got a few more orders today. Here's one getting ready to ship!
Just when I think Paper Doll Stationery is going to be slow for a while, it picks up. I'm not complaining, people, I am thrilled! Here is a cute order I finished up this afternoon:
Family folded note cards with matching circle address labels

Anna is going to a princess birthday party and here is a cute note pad I made for her friend:

And her cute birthday sticker labels:
The kids and I are really enjoying the summer. Fun days spent at the pool with a picnic lunch and easy evening dinners with Popsicles. We try to enjoy nature with walks or bike riding in the morning before it gets too hot. Today, Anna found a huge ant and of course, picked it up. After crawling on her for a minute, the little booger bit her! The boys were all upset that she had gotten bit and they were all crying. Elan hugged her and said, "It's ok, sweetie, it's ok..." I about died because it was so cute. They really do take care of each other and care about each other... that warms my heart!


  1. Thanks so much for dropping off the stationery - I love it! Also, I gave you a shout-out on my blog the other day. Be sure to check it out. Nice comments from other bloggers.

  2. Could that bird in her shipping nest be any cuter? I loved it!!!

    Wow! You are a cook, party thrower, painter, nature guide, decorator and stationery guru. I think I need to teach you to sew and knit so you won't get bored!!!!


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