Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A quick post and a quick card! I made this card using leftover scraps on my desk. A cut here, a snip there, a little glue, a glitter sticker, and voile! A cute card ready to send off! OK- I haven't posted in almost a week because it's so hot. Yes, I use the excuse of it being 109 degrees outside to not do much, and it works for me. Between the heat and all the daggone school supplies I have had to hunt down, I am beat.

I'm dreaming of a cool, 90 degree day with little or no humidity and all of my children skipping merrily to school... 6 more days (for the latter part, at least).


  1. Very cute!!! Love the sparkly bird.

  2. That card looks very familiar!!! :) Love it!!!

  3. I'm with you on the heat - it's miserable! We're hoping to make it to the St. Joe's picnic, but that's going to make for one hot day! Miss you guys and the folks in the neighborhood - good luck with the new school year!

  4. Hey Amanda -

    Just checking out your blog again. I like your music playlist! :) I also like your card. Love the birds! I laughed when you said you wished for a "cool" 90 degree day! It's actually fall-like here in New England now and I feel very lucky. I hope it cools off soon for you!

  5. if you don't update your blog soon I will come over and make you. Love you miss you and see you this week! xoxo-sj


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