Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Mother, the artist

I know I have mentioned before that my mother has taken up oil painting. She is actually very good at it, which surprised us all... considering she can't draw a darn thing except a cat made with circles! So, I gave her a picture of our beloved dog, Wrigley to paint. This is the picture she chose to go off of...
And this is the portrait she painted...
I know! Isn't it awesome? I love it and it hangs on the wall going out our back door in our family room. We can't believe how great it is!
Mom, thanks a "latte" for such an awesome painting! Another Kathy original graces our home and we love it!


  1. When I saw that pic hanging there the other day I KNEW you must have paid someone MUCHO to do that. When you said your mom did it, I was SUPER impressed. She is as talented as she is sweet :) Love you! See you tomorrow!!

  2. I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all of your cool card projects. I'm soooo NOT the card-maker, but do have a few I need to knock out. Tonight (gasp!). Have a great week!

  3. That is amazing work by your mom (and you, too for the card!). It's great to share art in any form with your mom!

  4. That is so great! Your mom has quite the talent!

  5. That is incredible! Great painting!


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