Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School!

Mac and Anna started school today! I'm not so sure who was more excited... me or them?!
Kindergarten... it's a big deal, and Anna went off beautifully, full of excitement! She was up and ready by 6:45 a.m. and looked so precious in that uniform it made my insides tingle.
Stop it... I LOVE this picture of Anna! She picked out her own backpack, and of course picked out the flashiest one!
Mac entered the second grade... I can't believe how fast time has gown and how grown up he looks in these pictures!Off to school and Elan gets left home with me. He didn't mind- he played with all their toys all day and didn't get fussed at once!
They had a great day! Here's to another day of fun (for everyone) tomorrow! ;)


  1. Love those pictures! They are all so big! Em

  2. Great back-to-school pics! Our girls are in kindergarten now - hard to believe! I think E. felt a little overwhelmed by it all on her first day. Glad to hear Miss A. had a great day. Things are going well with the new house - miss you guys and the neighborhood. Take care!


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