Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jotter Tutorial

As promised, here is my tutorial on making a pocketbook jotter. These cute, decorated notebooks are perfect to keep lists in, a bedside jotter, or just a little something cute to have by the phone! Okay, ready? Here we go...

First, gather your supplies:
1 small composition notebook, scrap paper, embellishments, Zip Dry paper glue, and scissors. Cut 2 pieces of paper 3x4.5 inches each to use as a front and back cover. Then, place Zip Dry glue all along the edges in a dotted fashion, going along the black spine, NOT on it.
Press paper to the front and back and smooth out the edges, letting glue seep out. You can rub off the glue from the spots that it leaks from.

Flip the book over and trim off the excess paper hanging off the edges.
Next, get ready to embellish! My favorite part! :) You can add extra paper scraps (below picture), ribbon, or like I did, make your own felt embellishment and adhere.
I cut out an apple free hand from felt and glued the pieces together. I added slick fabric paint to look like seeds.
Finally, the finished jotter, perfect for a teacher gift!
Here is another sample of one I did... with pretty packaging!
Easy peasy! Hope you find inspiration!


  1. You are so cool! I love this idea! I may have to play around with this. Thanks!

  2. Love how you packaged it all together! And that apple is too cute! :)

  3. What a great gift idea!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. I am interested in possibly featuring your project in our Beacon Adhesives Trade Show booth at the next CHA Show in 2011- call me 1-800-865-7238 X307. Please call me.


  5. I love making these. I stock up on this mini size every year when Walgreen's has their back to school sales. They make great little gifts. Love how you packaged yours. Cute!

  6. This is adorable! You should sell a few in your Etsy shop! Cute!


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