Thursday, August 5, 2010

A day late...

And a dollar short... here is a sketch and layout I did a couple of weeks ago. The sketch is from, no other than, Sketchy Thursdays, from mid-July. Yea, I did a layout and didn't get a spare moment to upload the pic, so I'm doin' it now!
The sketch:

The layout:

So, I have to toot my own horn... I LOVE the way this page turned out! Is it the paper? The sketch? The brown mist that reminds me of a wet dog shaking his fur? Or... is it the pictures of my handsome, big boy? That must be it! The quote at the bottom is on fabric paper and reads: "The way to know life is to love many things." Love that!

Again, I printed these pictures myself. I love the fact that I can print any size without cropping and use my own matte paper- which I prefer- I hate a mean glare! I printed the Big Wrig pics in a 2x3" size and loved that I could leave a border on the paper- no matting means one less step! Woot!

Enjoy the day... it's like 110 here and only 8:30 a.m.

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  1. Oh, how cute!!! The wet dog splatter look is great.


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