Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Highlights!

It's New Year's Eve, 2011 and I am reflecting on the resolutions I made for myself last year. I don't typically stick to the resolutions I set for myself, and almost always, I fail miserably! Not this year... The two things I wanted to make happen were to start running (for exercise and to get back in shape) and to continue submitting my work in hopes of getting published for the first time.

In January, I started running. I started small... 3.1 miles was my first goal and race. By the time spring had arrived, I decided I wanted to run a marathon. The Chicago Marathon. So, in October, with lots of training and hard work, I did it. Cheers!

In July, I got word that one of my card submissions got picked up for the September issue of CARDS. I was beyond excited!
And this was my card... found on page 111 just sayin'
AND... while I'm tootin' my own horn, I may as well let you know that my Paper Source holiday card WON!!! 
Finally, a few of my favorites over this past year:
My favorite layout was this one with tons of little pictures on it from our beach vacation in Hilton Head, SC.
My favorite little project were these tags I made out of scrap fabric and die cut felt.
Last, but not least, my favorite card from 2011, which I didn't send out because I just can't let go.
I am going to embrace the New Year and continue to set goals and challenges for myself.
I want to laugh more and yell less, craft more and clean less, drink more tea and less coffee. Continue running- even if I don't sign up for a full marathon! Go on more dates with my husband. Live more simply and enjoy my own surroundings.
In one word: CALM.
Have a Happy New Year! I wish all of you blessings, good health and an abundance of happiness in 2012!


  1. YAY, YOU, for accomplishing SO MUCH!

  2. Perfect goals for a perfect lady!!! Best wishes for a 2012 that ushers in CALM. :) Happy New Year!


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