Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paper Source Card Contest

This past September, Louisville got its own Paper Source! I was so excited that they were opening a store here that I was their very first customer! When I found out about their annual holiday card contest, I knew I would enter, but what would I make? The card had to be 100% Paper Source and include an envelope. Oh my... PS has so many delicious items to choose from! How would I decide on just one card to submit?! Waiting until the last day to submit my creation, (because it just keeps life more interesting to rush and procrastinate) I came up with this:
I used the PS colors: red and chartreuse. The stamps are theirs also, and I added red Stickles for the berries. Satin ribbon and gold twine pulls it all together. The envelope liner is their handmade paper: concentric dots- with glitter... yum! And the best part? The winner gets a $50 gift certificate! I could use it!


  1. You should definitely win! I love that store too :)

  2. Ohh Paper Source! I used to have one near me and I loved that place! Good luck with your card and envie. They are adorable!

  3. GAH! I can't go into The Paper Source! I cannot be trusted to not buy 5 parent sheets of pretty papers! I am weak.

    Oh, and this card & envelope are gorgeous. :)


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