Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Long Time, No See...

Well, January is here and it's almost over! It's been a wet, rainy month of up and down temperatures. I've been busy doing this and that, but mostly updating my stationery website. I have been adding new products, better photos, and a new web design is in the process. I've lowered prices on some items and I'm excited about all the changes! Right now, you can get 20% off your total online purchase! Woo-hoo! Go check out what's new! You'll like what you see!
I have gotten a little crafty when I've had the chance... I have been finishing up a needlepoint belt that I'm making Stephen and most recently, I made this brooch for a friend for her birthday. The background fabric is a scarf I purchased and made the brooch to match.
In other news, Elan has been really sick. Ten days of fever, aches, pains and a double ear infection to top it all of. He spent most of his time on the couch with me next to him, just sleeping or staring into space for a good 8 days. I got a lot of good reading done in that time! Once he was feeling better, his energy would come and go in short spurts. He played with the bunny...  
Bun Bun is huge- she is more like a cat than a bunny. She lives outside in a large hutch, but we bring her inside to play all the time! When she does come inside, she likes to terrorize Wrigley. She will hop through his legs or nibble his nails. He gets so jealous and grumpy...

Well, that's it for today. I'm wiped out and tomorrow is looking busy. Lord knows I could use some beauty rest. I'll be back soon!

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  1. The brooch is beautiful! What a great idea! Wow, that is a big bunny! Hope sickness stays away from your home for awhile!


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