Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Festivities!

Merry Christmas, friends! This week has started off pretty good... the kids are out of school, all the stationery and holiday card orders have been placed, signed, sealed and delivered! I always try to keep the week before Christmas for myself. I love to bake and fix delicious cookie boxes for friends, neighbors and family. I try to stop and enjoy the week before Christmas with my kiddos, try to absorb their excitement and anticipation!
Last week, we had Mac's Christmas program at school. He got to play the bongo during one of the songs and he was so into it! He sang his little heart out!
Anna also had her Angel Program at school. She got to sign a solo part and she was very proud! She looked like an absolute angel, despite the fact that she had a stomach virus. It lasted a long 6 days!
I'll be back with our holiday card for 2011! Enjoy the night!

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  1. Your children are so beautiful! How clever of you to get your holiday list completed a week early to spend more time with your kiddos.

    Your card arrived today. THANK YOU! It is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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