Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jingle Belles- All Bundled Up!

This week, the Jingle Belles have challenged us to get "all bundled up," or rather... lots of layers! I love to layer, so I think I'm covered on this card! I used the Basic Grey Jovial collection and added 3 layers to my card base, then topped it off with ribbon, twine, a hand cut felt heart, decorative tape, and some blue half pearls. I used chipboard letters to spell out the "you" in my greeting- also Basic Grey. I love this card... it warms me right up... just like a good friend would. Enjoy!

P.S. Sorry I have been MIA... got started on another big home project- stripping wallpaper hung in 1972 in my foyer. It's been a serious job, but I am almost completely done! Yahoo! Next up... paint colors! :)


  1. Lovin' your layer'licious card!

  2. Those wonky-eyed snowmen never stop making me smile ... just love them ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. This is totally adorable - i love it! the gorgeous twill ribbon is just perfect - what a gorgeous colour

  4. YAY for your wallpaper project!
    Love the card! Too cute!

  5. ooh. ooh. OOOOOOOOOOH! this is soooooooo layerlicious! i love those BG snowmen in ANY context, but this card just showcases them so very brilliantly. i especially love the curvy top that sticks up over the top of the card!!! SO cool!!! ♥♥♥!

    (ps: you had glorious and HISTORIC watergate-era wallpaper and you've STRIPPED it off??!?! what could you be thinking, missus??! they just don't make avocado and burnt orange like that anymore, you know! for SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!) :) :) :)

  6. This is lovely!! so very cute and a brilliant take on the layers challenge

  7. Awesome card! Love the snowmen!! So sweet!

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