Sunday, June 26, 2011

For *Dad*

I failed to post my Father's Day card and *toot* to my dear ole' dad last Sunday. It's been busy around here and I'm barely keeping my head above water. So, here it is, a week late, but better than never.  

My dad is retired and plays golf three times a week, so I thought this would be the perfect card for him!
The green is torn mulberry paper and the flag is cut mulberry paper. I drew the pole and used glossy accents in black for the hole. I stamped "DAD" with foam stamps inked in black. The inside was simply stamped "happy father's day" from Papertrey ink. He loved it!

I thought I would also share a recent picture of dad with my kiddos. He comes over for dinner when my mom is out of town. :) This particular night, we were playing "Simon Says" and he was cracking the kids up with his commands! It was a very fun night and my kids adore their Poppy!
Dad, you are the BEST! Love you lots!


  1. That card is perfect :) Em

  2. Such a lovely card! And a fabulous photo!

  3. What a great and so perfect card! Love how you did the grass!


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