Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini Album

Hello friends. I hope you are staying dry, 'cause in these parts, it's awfully wet. The rain can stop now. I'm serious. It's Derby week and the weather really needs to make a full 360 degree turn before Thursday. Louisville is depressing right now... So, to lift some creative spirits, I'm going to share this mini album I made for Elan during my scrappin' trip with the girls. Each of my kiddos now have their own little album of favorites and they love them!

Here is the cover and order of pages:

"The End"These mini albums are very easy to create. I use 4x6 chipboard postcards and cover them with crumpled tissue paper. I simply attach the tissue with a glue stick and then take Glossy Accents glue to smooth around the edges to prevent the paper from pulling up. Punch two holes, add your binder rings, ribbon, photos and embellishments a ta'da! A mini album is born.


  1. LOL! That last page is too funny! What a great idea this is! Love it!!!

  2. If you were any more talented I might scream. :) LOVE te tissue paper fun! Great idea! Tell ELan we are ready for a playdate soon :)



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