Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Toothless!

I love this layout... mainly because it features my oldest, Mac, who is 8, and his first lost tooth! He was the only kid in the entire second grade that hadn't lost a tooth- that's 75 kids with a mouth full of adult teeth and Mac still had all his baby teeth! He waited, and waited, wiggled and yanked and finally, his first tooth came out!He was so proud, and now smiles with his mouth open! Since his tooth fell out and this layout was made, he has lost another tooth! I believe they will be dropping out quickly now, but the first one, we will always remember!


  1. Great layout! Love the twine around the tooth and the tooth fairy image!!!

  2. Your kiddos are all too cute. You should be a professional baby maker :) Beautifying the world nine months at a time :) Love you!


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