Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Recap!

We had a ball on Halloween night! My brother, Nate and his family always come to our house for dinner and trick-or-treating since their closest neighbor is over a mile away! As usual, the kiddos got loads of candy and were worn out at the end of the night...
Anna was an owl, Mac was The Grim Reaper, and Elan was a hunter.
We watched Goonies with the kids the Saturday before Halloween, so they wanted to carve the pumpkin like "One-Eyed Willie." 
 The sweetest kid being something scary!

Anna looked precious as an owl!

This is Elan's mean hunting face.

Here's a nice group picture of the kids...
My dad is putting Claudia in the photo and really, she wanted to have no part of it. Elan looks like the biggest buck just got away, and the girls, well, they just look so darn cute! They were ready to fill their bags with loot!
I hope you all had a safe, happy Halloween. Now that it's November, I'm frantically getting stuff together for my holiday show and thinking ahead to the Christmas crafts I want to do! Enjoy the weekend!


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