Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stars and Stripes!

Hello there. Just quickly stopping in to post a layout I did of this past 4th of July. We go to my cousins house every year and have an absolute ball. This year was no different!
A neighborhood parade, trolley rides with Mimi, the Bubble Truck, popsicles and ice cream, sparklers, fireworks, music, food, family and loads of fun! We had a blast!

Hope you are all staying cool... it's really HOT in these parts. I stayed in most of the day, making Christmas cards, thinking cool thoughts! ;)


  1. Super fun layout! Love the banner and the ruffled ribbon on the side.

  2. Great layout! Love the one crooked picture, the ruffle on the right and fabulous banners!!!

  3. The ruffle and banners make it FANTASTIC! Great layout!


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