Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jingle Belles- Shape Up!

Shape up! The Jingle Belles challenge this week is to make a shaped card! Okay, I think I made a shaped card back in the 90's, but haven't since, so this was actually a challenge for me! Once I got an idea in my head, I got excited and eager to start.
So, here's my not so Clark Griswald decorated home for the holidays:
AND, I even made the house shape attach to a card that actually opens! Squeal! I was so impressed with myself!
If you look close, really close, you can see the coarse glitter I used on the chimney, trees and window edges. Those trees are cut from a Papertrey Ink die and the snow drifts? Those are die cut clouds from felt, cut in half. My wreath was assembled with Hero Arts poinsettia flowers and leaves, all attached with a vivid green brad. The Christmas lights are from Michael's and they have glitter on them too! ;) Whew!

Now, shape up, or ship out! That's what I always say to my kiddos... get yourself going on a shaped card- it was fun!


  1. Oh, my, it's GRANDMA'S HOUSE! This is soooo cute! Love the cloud bushes and the bling on the chimney! Oooh, and the lights! Not nearly enough for the Griswalds! :)

  2. Eek! Amanda, I noticed that glitter first thing. I love that; and the poinsettia on the door and the cloud bushes. Wonderful!

  3. Turning clouds into snow piles ... how clever are you ... and I love that texty chimney ... and that chunky glitter is just such a great touch ... absolutely fabulous! ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  4. hehehehe! my dad used to say, "shape up or ship out" but for jingle bellian purposes i was convinced that "shape up for the holidays" was a better title! ;)

    and now: HOW MUCH DO I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS AWESOME CARD??!?! hint: it's a really, really, REALLLLLLLLY lot!!! every single detail is perfect and amazing from the 1/2 cloud snowdrifts (duuuude!!!) to the espaliered PTI trees to the eave-lights, to the scalloppy, shingled-looking paper for the roof, to the glittery texty chimbly!!! beyond fabulous, missus! ♥!

  5. Argh, I had a perfect comment here and darn Blogger messed up, I'll try to pull it together!

    Your card doesn't need the Griswold treatment, it's too beautiful all on its own! Love that you added the embellishments of coarse glitter, the soft snowy felt, and the glazed trees - it makes a wonderful card!

  6. This is a perfect holiday home card. Everything fits together so nicely and I can see the sprinkle of glitter, and that adds just the right touch.

  7. Oh what a great idea for a Christmas card! Good thinking with those clouds of snow! Love this!


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