Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cute Cards

Here are a few cute cards...

Anna made this one by herself:
The airplane paper is from Echo Park and I'm not gonna lie when I say my eye twitched a little when she used a piece, and the fabric kite is Martha Stewart. The sentiment is a Papertrey stamp. Anna continues to amaze me with her creativity! She LOVES to make cards and I totally encourage it... as long as she doesn't use my favorite papers... I suppose I'm gonna have to get over that because she likes the same stuff I do!

These are two quick ones that I made:
The sentiment stamps are Papertrey Ink and the curly swirl is American Crafts. I made the layered fabric flowers with some scraps my mom gave me and finished them off with a button center. Super easy to make... I have been getting into fabric lately... it's a nice change and a great compliment to paper!
I fear that school will be cancelling for another snow day tomorrow. We already have about 4 inches and it's still snowing. Good thing I got to the craft store today and got some new stuff to play with! You never know when you might be stuck inside for a few days! ;)


  1. Wow, Anna's card is so cute!!! And I love your fabric flowers!

  2. Little Anna is so beautiful! She takes after her Mama!!! Tell her I LOVE her card and she can come hang out with me to make cards anyday!!! (FYI- If ELan still wants to come play tomorrow, let me know!!!!!!)

  3. Wow, her card is stunning! And love the rest of the post, too!!

  4. hello, lovely profumo ladies! i was thinking about you just the other day... (anna's ornament she made me is still hanging on the bookshelf over my desk!) ...and wondering what you've been up to. and here i see BOTH OF YOU are still making the most gorgeous cards EVER!

    amanda, your fabric flowers are amazing and make we want to hang around with MY mother in hopes of scoring HER fabric scraps...just so i can make some of these, too!

    anna, i ♥LOVE♥ your card! and especially i love... (& am amazed by!) ...the way that you can just *SEE* instinctively how to trim that bit of EP paper so it works as a card...and that the kite and sentiment should go in those "blank spots" of the paper; i am quite sure i did not know that before *I* was 7...or 17, for that matter! WOW!!! when i grow up, do you think i could have some lessons, please?! ♥♥♥

    ps: yeah...we got more snow, too...i am SO OVER winter!!! :)

  5. You guys are so talented! It is obvious that you ladies got a double dose of the talent gene, way to go! Anna is so talented and Amanda, my friend, it may be time to give her a stash of paper all her own! That may be the only way to keep your favorites! :) Keep creating pretty ladies!!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog and I love your creative talent. I am making birthday invites for my son's 6th birthday. They are Buzz Lightyear themed. They won't be anything as wonderful as your work, but I'm pleased.

    Maryann of Matthew's Puzzle


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