Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Couple Things...

It's Thursday and the week is almost over. The kids were out of school yesterday for another snow day and I am so tired today that I am pretty sure I just haven't recovered from the non-stop talking madness that three kids will give you. Shew...

And, speaking of kids talking your ear off, sometimes they say some really funny things. Typically they say something hilarious and you tell yourself not to forget to "write that one down" but you do forget. And that funny little blurb that your 3 year old said about how you look "just like a cowgirl" with curlers in your hair slips your mind. No more!

Behold the journaling book. It's small, it's easy, functional, and you won't forget anymore cute things those funny kiddos say! I made this one for a friend of mine whom I just recently had this conversation with. She also has 3 kids, a full time job and volunteers an obscene amount of time at school. All the while she keeps up a home and she's still super nice to her husband and always has time for her friends. She deserved this book...

Inside, the pages are marked with the months along the top. You circle the month and then put the date or year or both in the circle printed. Add your quotes to the lines provided and presto! Your kids funny quotes and stories are safe in one spot that is easily accessible.

The pages are 3.5x5 inches and I downloaded the journaling pages from Creating Keepsakes blog. It's been a long time, so you will have to search... sorry. OR... you could get really crafty and make some of your own. ;)

In the running world, I am doing fantastic. Today, I got to run 4 miles in a balmy 33 degrees. It was a refreshing change from the 10-25 degree weather I'm use to running in. I jammed my tunes and felt like I ran faster than normal and I may or may not have thrown in a few dance moves... however I don't keep my time... I just run.

I registered this morning:

"Dear Amanda,
Congratulations! You are now registered for 2011 Derby Festival Marathon & miniMarathon."

When the above message came through my email, I got butterflies. I can't believe I'm doing this! It's seems pretty darn real now.
I have my brother Nate to thank. He's the one that told me to start small... "Just run to your mailbox and back for a week and then run a little farther the next week." Coming for a strong, athletic triathlete, I gave him a crooked look like "are you freaking kidding me? I can not run. I have never run... ever." He believed that I could do it and I am. Believe in yourself... anything is possible.


  1. I LOVE the journaling book idea! I just write things down in notebooks for my boys; but I need one (two) of those:)

  2. I love the little book! What a great idea! Way to go on the running! That's awesome!!!

  3. that book is ADORABLE! What a great gift for a mom. Going to have to try this one!

  4. This was an awesome post! Glad to hear that the running and crafting are rolling along. Way to go!

  5. One more thing... why don't you make up some of these journals and sell them in your etsy shop?


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