Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Shares

Last weekend, my niece, Claudia got baptized. I am her godmother, too! I got her a sweet gift, but I also wanted to make her something special... her nursery is pink with owls and birds, so my wheels were turning...

I got a plain wooden frame at my LSS and painted it with pink, white, and raspberry. I wrote Claudia's name with a pencil first, then painted it black. The finishing touch was one of my cute felt owls (available HERE in my Etsy shop). The photo opening is for a 3.5x5 picture.
This is the picture I used in the frame. My brother, Nate and his beautiful family:
Here's Claudia in her baptismal gown. My mom made it and all the grandchildren have worn it.
My sweet baby... I love her so much and I'm so honored to be her aunt and godmother!


  1. What great pictures, I love round headed bald babies, probably because that's what I had. The frame is AWESOME!!!

  2. WOW- his kiddos look like Anna and Elan!!!!!!! Crazy! Love the way it turned out!!! Gorgeous!

  3. How adorable!!! oh ya - and the baby is sweet too! haha!!


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