Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's My Mom's Birthday...

And she looks better than ever! She has aged gracefully (and beautifully) and continues with all her hobbies, talents and activities. Mom is never bored, nor does she have enough hours in the day to complete all she wants to! I always joke (but not really) that she has more dates and things to do than I.
We are fabulous, aren't we? This was at my cousins wedding in February, 2009, and we had a ball!

Mom is a person that a stranger could meet, and five minutes later they will be best friends. She is welcoming, open, helpful, giving, positive and has a heart of gold. She loves her children and grandchildren (all 11 and a half of them!) more than anything in the world... and it shows. She has already been assigned a fabulous spot in heaven!
The entire crew: my 3 brothers and their families, and mine, including the big Wrig, gathered around mom and dad this past Sunday.
All the grandchildren with Mimi and Pops.

Mom is my best friend. I would rather hang out with her than anyone. She is a rock, so strong, spiritual and wise. She guides me and gives great advice. She gives me breaks with the kiddos and, well, she sews. She makes me the most divine clothing you will ever see... but not in a store! Mom is so super creative! She keeps up a phenomenal garden, and has even taken up oil painting in the last year- and she's really good!

Mom, happy birthday! You are so wonderful! I want to be just like YOU when I grow up!

Love you so much always,



  1. Well if I could stop crying, I would leave a comment! Thank God for our Mamas! Happy Birthday Mimi! EM

  2. This is beautiful! Your mother is lucky to have you and it sounds like you are lucky to have her.


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