Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! I know five of the best dads out there... my dad, my husband, and my 3 brothers! Hope you all have a great Father's Day... you all are so good to your kids! Love you!


Stephen had never held a baby until he had his own. In the hospital, when Mac was born, he was a natural, like he had been saving up his paternal instincts for 35 years to use on that very day. He cuddled, swaddled, cooed and even changed his diaper in the hospital. When we came home, he was the soothing, relaxed one and I was a messy ball of nerves! He has been a wonderful daddy since day one.
Then, he got a girl... Anna stole his heart the instant she was born. Announcing, "Honey! It's a GIRL! I got a girl... Anna Reinhard!" With a big sweet tear on his cheek. He was so proud and still is one proud daddy of all three of his children. Stephen became more sensitive, protective, emotional and attentive after each of his children were born.

Finally, we got another boy, the third, the baby. Stephen named Elan all himself- it's a strong name, meaning "friendly" and believe me, Elan has lived up to his name. Elan is going to be Stephen's athlete, he wants to know and learn everything he knows about sports. He is always saying how he wants to be big and strong, just like his daddy! Stephen eats it up! :)

I am blessed... I have a wonderful husband that adores our children, and our children completely adore him right back! He is an unbelievable role model and he is teaching our children to be grateful, independent and caring adults. All the while we are laughing and playing together... life is so good!
Happy Father's Day, darling!


  1. This was such a sweet post! It makes me so happy! Glad things are going swell!

  2. happy father's day to THE guys definitely do nice work in the field of "adorable kids"!!! ♥♥♥


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