Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Shares...

We had a wonderful Christmas...

Mac's Angel Program was absolutely darling. It touched our hearts and got us so much in the Christmas spirit! He sang his little heart out and knew every word of all the songs and poems. We were so proud of him!
A visit with Santa was exciting! This year, Elan was the first one on Santa's lap and the last one off. He had a lot to talk about!

Mac asked for Indiana Jones LEGOS, Anna wanted a Zhu Zhu pet and a Leapster 2, and Elan, well, all he wanted was a big, red, fire truck. Santa delivered all that and more!

Christmas Eve was another day full of holiday tradition, family fun and my mom and dad handing out gifts like they were trying out for Santas job.
I truly enjoyed the holiday season. I thought I was more prepared, but wasn't and ended up getting a bit stressed at the end, not being able to finish a few things, but all in all, it was great! Next year is the year I will be prepared in advance! Gifts have already been purchased, notes have been made for gift ideas, and laugh if you will... I have already made 30 Christmas cards to send for 2010. Until then, you want to see my card that was sent this year? Thought so...
I made a pocket card. This is the front...
This is the inside card when you pull it out...I wrote my message on the back of the pulled out card. I only made a few of these and all of them were a bit different. I also sent about a dozen random Christmas cards that included Christmas trees, stockings, presents, etc. The rest (all 80 of them) were photo cards. So, if you didn't get a handmade card, I'm sorry. Next year you will!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year! Blessings in 2010!


  1. Those cards are beautiful! How do you find the time?


  2. Sweet card Amanda, and your family is beautiful. Happy New Year! ~Diane

  3. Great pics, Amanda! Love the card - so creative! We couldn't even get Liam on Santa's lap this year. He said "Mama, I no like dat man." There you go.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    P.S. - New neighbors moved in two doors down from us. They have 2 1/2 year-old twins, a boy and girl. More kiddos to play with!

  4. Sister are you there? I haven't talked to you in 2 weeks! Hope all is well and you had a Happy New Year! Em

  5. Love the angel costume! You will need that picture when he is learning to drive. It will keep you from saying not so nice mommy things!:) Glad that your holiday was fabulous. See you soon!

  6. oh ♥♥♥WOW♥♥♥ amanda!!! your pocket cards are GORRRRRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS!!! (& of course that photo could not fail to stun & amaze...but i meant the *CARD* bits as well!) wow! i kind of want to go start making some 2010 xmas cards now! ('cause i'm SOOOO w/ya on the "DO IT IN ADVANCE" thingie!!!) :)


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