Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet Lucas Snowflake!

Hey there! Finally feeling better... shew! It was a rough 6 days of nasty cold and cough. It wore me totally out, and had to go to bed at 8:30 a couple nights in a row. But now, woo-hoo! Feelin' great!

So, December has begun... a month full of traditions, magic is in the air and my kids are wound up tighter than a yo-yo! They LOVE Christmas, just like any other child, but they really love it because our friend, Lucas Snowflake arrives the day after Thanksgiving.

That is Lucas Snowflake (our Elf on the Shelf). He watches the children and at night reports back to Santa of our daily events- naughty or nice. A couple of times now, Mac and Anna have left Lucas little notes and presents that they make, which in turn, I stay up after my bed time to reciprocate with a letter of thanks and gratitude. The letters from Lucas are always adorned with snowflakes! They are so excited to get up in the morning to see where he has hid and what he left for them.

I thought it was so cute when I heard Anna and Elan talking to him one morning and Anna said, "Lucas, Elan wants a new pappy for Christmas because his is broken with a hole in it." Mama's gonna get him that new pappy... and I know I shouldn't. 'Tis the season to make wishes come true!


  1. I think it is perfectly all right for Lucas to bring Elan a new pappy. He is only 2 (for a couple more months anyway!) How sweet of Anna to ask for her brother and not for herself. She is precious!

  2. I love Lucas! I need one of those at my house, it MIGHT make my boys behave better, NAY, I don't think so! ;)

  3. Very inspiring ,,, I wish we adults do this and at the end of each day: See if we were good or bad and behave ourselves in order not to hurt the people we love ... and lose them ...


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