Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Calender

I am ALIVE! I have been working like a dog the past two weeks getting out stationery orders and finally finished a HUGE project I was working on for a client. Now that I made everyone else's Christmas gifts to give and cards to send, it's time for me to do my own! Yay!

So, this past January, I found a Making Memories Advent calender kit on sale at Target. That week, I made it so I would have it for Christmas. I put little treats and notes of fun things to do in each of the little boxes. The kids have loved every minute!

I hope you are enjoying your days before Christmas! Baking and wrapping today!


  1. This is really cute, so glad to hear your Christmas rush is over. ~Diane

  2. This is super cute. I have been tempted to make one of these before... I think you might have inspired me:) Hopefully after the holidays a few of these kits will be on sale:)


  3. ADORABLE!!!!! Bet the kiddos love it! Hope Elan is feeling better! Thanks for dropping off my notepads!! Did you get teh email about the sheets I need printed? Just let me know!!! Thanks!!


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