Friday, December 4, 2009

A Special Card...

Every year, I make only a few extra special cards. Usually, I make them for the people that have touched me in some way. This year, I made a special masterpiece for my Uncle Gene. Uncle Gene is one of my mom's older brothers. He is hilarious, always has a story, a smile on his face, treats my mom and her sister like they are queens, appeals to the boys because he truly is disgusting. He also had a special bond with his mother, my grandmother. In the card below, Uncle Gene is pictured with my grandmother on Christmas Eve (I believe this photo was taken in 1998). This is a special card not only because of the picture on the front, but also because my grandmother was the one that started our holiday Traditions. Christmas Eve begins as our family sings "Silent Night" together and is celebrated with gifts, food, family, stories, pictures and love. Sadly, my grandmother passed away a few years ago this January, on my Uncle Gene's birthday. She is remembered every day, but mostly at Christmas time. She baked, cooked, made gifts (such as crochet afghans and slippers, stuffed animals and little purses), she loved the decorations and lights and was so full of joy, love and tradition. To me, that's what Christmas is all about... Tradition.

Since Grandmommy died, Uncle Gene has sent me a card at Christmas time. The card is usually super funny or gross, but it's what's on the inside that counts. He takes the time to write a special memory of a Christmas past: a story, an old photo of a decorated mantel, a family secret, and so on. I save them, I cherish them, I love them! I look forward to Uncle Gene's card every year... I hope he likes mine!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Uncle Gene. I am saving this blog to send to him after he receives his card in case he isn't a follower. He will be thrilled with the card and this blog. He does so many little things for others, but doesn't seem to get all that many special things in return. He doesn't expect them. That's what's so great about him. I can't wait for him to see his very special card. I am sure it will have a place of honor in his house and forever in his box of treasures.

  2. Beautiful card and a wonderful tribute to your uncle. I am sure he will love the card. I enjoyed reading your story. ~Diane

  3. Awesome card Amanda! And what an awesome treasure of an uncle you have! We had an "uncle Gene" on my mom's side, but he's been gone many many years! Love that he sends cards with a personal note to cherish in them!


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