Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Valentine Puzzle...

Are you puzzled on what to send your nieces, nephews or "little friends" for Valentine's Day? Look no further, I have got you covered! As I was cleaning out my stash over the weekend, I came across some cute, white puzzle cards. I know they are like 10 years old, but I also know Michael's still carries them. Anyway, I got them out and started stamping...
I used a harlequin stamp, inked in pink, and the sentiment and hearts are inked in poppy red. Then, with a fine point Sharpie, I wrote around the edges. Then, I broke the pieces apart, and packaged them with a little note and some confetti. Tied with a ribbon and voile! A cute Valentine for anyone over the age of 4.
I believe the puzzles are sold at Michael's in packs of 3-4 for around $5.

We had another snow day today. My dryer has been running non-stop (I'm afraid it's going to blow up) and seriously, how much hot chocolate can a kid drink in a day? I have made 9 cups in the past 7 hours. Although, it's kinda nice to be forced to stay home... I finished all my Valentine projects and caught up on the laundry. We are having the boys birthday party this weekend, so the favors have been made and the menu planned.

Hope you can stay warm and find a moment to create!


  1. Tell Mac we said Happy Birthday and we will get his present to him the next time we see him! EM


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