Saturday, January 30, 2010

Copic Color

I just bought my first group of Copic markers this week. Aren't they pretty? I love looking at them! I know I don't have very many right now, but it's a good start and I will gradually add to my collection. I really like the shape of these markers. They are easy to hold and to color with, and the tips are oh-so-smooth... Blending is effortless and that Colorless Blender is the bomb-diggity!
I am still practicing with them, so my projects aren't perfect yet, but they are 100% better than the markers I was using! I'm hooked!
Do you have Copic markers? If so, what's your favorite color combo? A color(s) you can't live without? Let me know...


  1. YEAH!!! We can have a coloring party :) I love my gray's amd my pinks :) I also love the colorless blender as well :) Happy coloring!!

  2. Where did you get them? I've been tempted to try one or two but wasn't sure what the difference would be?

  3. Sister this is sooooooooo over my head but, what kind of marker/pen do you write with, like in your cards and stuff?!!? Did you send in your $ to Shannon scrap thing at St. Bernard? Lynn Dwyer is going too :) Hope you are having a good one! EM

  4. Congrats to you!!! I LOVE my Copics! I don't even remember what it's like to color with anything else! My must have colors are skin tones, but I love coloring with my greens, even though pink is my fave color, lol! To me - green is just an easy color to blend and shade with :)
    Have fun with your new babies!!! :)
    hugs, margie

  5. Have not drank the kool-aid yet. Still using my SU markers. Hmm, I am tempted though.


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