Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Anna!

My oh my, how fast seven years has passed. Anna, sweet girl, you have grown up so much in just the past year that it is frightening. You are too old for bows and precious cotton dresses, you want to dress like me and have sparkles in your ears. You still have a taste for adventure and excitement and seem to fear so little.
Holiday World, August, 2011
You continue to excel in sports, soccer being one of your favorites. Maybe it's because daddy coaches and your bestie, Molly, plays too:
Fall Soccer, 2010
You are still a great runner and you sometimes ask to go with me on my runs. I hope you still like running in a few years so we can do a quick few together. You'd be great company!
Rodes City Run, March, 2011
All I ask of you is to be the best you can be, by your own standards. Be yourself, be unique. Never be ashamed of who you are and always stand up for what you believe in. Do what's right. Be smart. You are such a blessing, and every time I think of you, I smile.
Layout: November 2010
Happy Birthday, darling daughter. I love you.


  1. What a gorgeous looking daughter you have ... I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Miss Anna! Great words of wisdom.


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