Thursday, November 4, 2010

Found my mojo...

Happy Thursday! I have been struggling with a sinus infection all week and the loss of my crafty mojo. I'm feeling better and I believe I have found my mojo again, as I am beginning a few scrapbook pages and moving along on other crafty projects.
I have been preparing for a few holiday shows coming up in the middle of the month and cute stationery is piling up! I made some fun sketch books for a customer recently and here are a few samples:

Little books like these are a great way to use some scraps and my felt birds really dress things up and make a project more interesting! They also make great gifts- for adults and kids!
I hope you have a crafty day!


  1. Feel better soon!! I love those birdies, as you know!! I am home sick myself today. Sinuses as well, so I feel your pain.

  2. These are really cute. I love how you tied the ribbons to the ring! Glad to hear your feeling better. I think my mojo is returning as well :)

  3. Hi love bug! SOOOO good hangin with you Friday night and I hope your FAB new purse, shoes, and hat looked great at Breeders Cup! Talk soon!!!

  4. Super cute!!! I found you via Sammye Jo and am now your newest have a great blog! Thank you!


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