Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Summer Comin'

Hey there! The past few days have been hot and sunny... shades of what is coming up for summer I suppose! When I think of summer, I usually think of fresh, sweet fruit and the pool, of course! Last summer, we went to a local farm and picked our own strawberries. The fruit was delicious and the kids had a real experience... it was so much fun!
Elan is saying, "look at this big one!" right before he popped it in his mouth. He must have eaten 100 strawberries that day, even his fingers were stained red.

I have been doing simpler layouts lately. Not because of little time, but because I just want my hobby to be easy and fun. I used to stress over a layout not being perfect and would work on it for days. Now, I scrap what I want and if it's done in an hour... well, right on!

Enjoy your night... I have b-day preps for hubby to do before morning! ;)


  1. love this one! Love the strawberry paper too! Happy Birthday Stephen! Em

  2. Adorable Amanda!!! Hummm strawberries!!! Yummy!!
    I love your blog
    Please come to visit my blog anytime
    Have a good day! ;^)

  3. Strawberries make me so happy! Love this LO. It is fabulous. Pictures are great!


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