Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy {Heart} Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! My Valentine's this year also included a picture of the kids, and Walter dog. Look at Walter's face... he's so ticked off that I made him get in the group photo. He wanted a solo shot. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of my homemade Valentine, but I did remember to photograph the gift I made.
I made some really cute lavender filled sachets for gifts.  
Each muslin bag was stamped with hearts on the front and back. Then, I filled the bags with dried lavender. I used a tapestry needle to attach the felted balls to the strings of the bags. They turned out really cute and smelled heavenly!
Then, I wrapped them up in a pillow box, tied with satin ribbon and attached my own personalized sticker. 
I think the gifts were a hit! I love to make stuff, and I think it's even more fun to give the gift when a friend isn't expecting one. How did you spread the love this Valentines Day?

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