Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Everything!

OK, epic fail on keeping the blog posts going... life has just been busy. End of story. And... I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. So, before the crafty posts begin, I wanted to share a few pictures...

These three cuties are my kiddos. This is the picture I used for my Christmas card.
*Note to self: always take photos at the end of October when the weather is nice, the leaves are gorgeous. Then, bribe kids with candy or ice cream... or in my case, both. Picture gets done, photo card gets picked out and it's ready before December gets here. Genius!

Here's my family on Christmas Eve. My kids are getting so big and time is going so fast that I might throw up. Somehow, I still manage to stay in my twenties. Weird, I know.
This was the best "surprised" photo I got on Christmas morning. We all had a fantastic Christmas spent with family, but this picture is a prize! Mac got his favorite soccer player, Renaldo's jersey. He was more that a little thrilled!

So, now that you've been filled in from last post to now, I can start posting some crafty goodness, and maybe a few bad boy Walter stories here and there- that dog is a mess! Enjoy your Sunday...

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